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S14- Postharvest Quality of Ornamental Plants (11th International Symposium)

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Invited Speakers:

The Symposium will be the 11th meeting of the 4-yearly symposium following the last meeting in Brazil in 2012. Since then, major events that embraced this topic were the ‘Ornamental Horticulture in the Global Greenhouse Symposium' held during the last IHC2014 in Brisbane, Australia, and the ‘3rd International Symposium on Quality Management in Supply Chains of Ornamentals' held in May 2015 in Kermanshah, Iran.

The purpose of the 11th International Symposium on Postharvest Quality of Ornamental Plants is to bring together researchers, scientists, students, growers, extension people, and exporters dealing with postharvest physiology, marketing and quality of cut flowers/greens, potted plants, ornamental geophytes, and other ornamental products from all over the world, and to discuss the progress and advances in postharvest science and technologies. Our aim is to present and share the important results and new developments on postharvest issues of ornamental plants, to achieve a better understanding of the postharvest physiology of ornamentals, to control and maintain their quality and extend their vase / shelf life. The results will also help to encourage implementation of the environmental friendly concepts in postharvest treatments and lead to future research work. The Symposium will surely improve the network and collaboration among researchers, breeders, extension people, growers, exporters and ornamental industry representatives.

Main themes:

The symposium intends to express and highlight the most recent developments, innovations and scientific topics dealing with improving our understanding, and sharing knowledge regarding various issues of ornamental postharvest as follows:

  • Flower senescence and programmed cell death (PCD)
  • Postharvest physiology of cut flowers and greens
  • The role of ethylene and other plant hormones in flower opening, senescence and abscission
  • Effect of pre-harvest factors on postharvest quality of potted plants and cut flowers/greens
  • Post-production handling and maintaining quality of potted ornamental plants
  • Postharvest handling and maintaining quality of cut flowers and greens (treatments, improving vase life, storage, sea transport)
  • Postharvest handling and temperature management for ornamental geophytes
  • Postharvest pathology and entomology of cut flowers and greens
  • Introducing environmental friendly and sustainable green concepts in keeping quality of ornamentals (organic cut flowers; imported products versus local production)
  • Economics and marketing: Production systems, quality in handling systems, market developments, floral business, commercialization and economical consideration

Scientific Committee:

  • Antonio Ferrante (University of Milan, Milano, Italy)
  • Antony Stead (Royal Holloway University of London, UK)
  • Cai-Zhong Jiang (University of California, Davis, USA)
  • Ernst Woltering (Wageningen Univ. Res. Centre, Holland)
  • Fisun G. Çelikel (Ondokuz Mayis University, Samsun, Turkey)
  • Kürşat Demiryürek (Ondokuz Mayis University, Samsun, Turkey)
  • Margrethe Serek (Leibniz University Hannover, Germany)
  • Michael S. Reid (University of California, Davis, USA)
  • Michelle L. Jones (The Ohio State University, USA)
  • Olaf van Kooten (Wageningen Univ. Res. Centre, Holland)
  • Shimon Meir (Agr.Res.Org., The Volcani Center, Israel)
  • Sonia Philosoph-Hadas (Agr.Res.Org., The Volcani Center, Israel)
  • Vivian Loges (University Federal Rural de Pernambuco, Brazil)