Bridging the World through Horticulture

S18- Soilless Culture (2nd International Symposium)

Hallname: Yıldız 1

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Invited Speakers:

Soilless cultivation is an increasing practice in protected and recently also outdoors all over the world. Higher production and quality, prevention of the dispersal of soil-borne pathogens and higher water and nutrient use efficiencies are the main advantages of soilless cultivation. Although the two main types of soilless cultivation are water culture and substrate culture, there are many different techniques under both types like plant factory and vertical farming etc. Organic agriculture and soilless cultivation come closer, and vegetable grown in soilless culture by using organic fertilizers can be certified as organic in some countries. Bio-fertilizers and microorganisms in soilless systems has also become popular in recent years. Scientists think that plant production could be possible on other planets hydroponically. Symposium aims to discuss changes in soilless cultivation from the past up to now and needs for achieving sustainability in soilless cultivation. The world-wide scientific and technical advances will be presented and shared between researchers, growers, industry and end-users. The meeting will cover worldwide impacts of soilless systems including water, nutrient and energy use efficiencies, using of bio and organic fertilizers, environmental impacts, growing media, automation, quality and nutritional aspects of soilless grown products for the consumers, socio-economics and markets. This Symposium aims to create possible research collaborations for further synergies. The main outcome will be identified knowledge gaps and proposed research methods, in order to close these gaps.

Main themes:

  • Soilless systems under cover and outdoors
  • Aquaponics and bioponics
  • Plant factories
  • Vertical farming
  • Nutrient management
  • Bio-fertilizers, organic fertilizers
  • Water and energy use efficiency
  • New or alternative growing media, compost and substrates
  • Hygiene (disease suppression) and root disease management 
  • Environmental impacts
  • Measuring, control and automation
  • Quality and nutritional aspects of soilless grown products for the consumers
  • Markets and socio-economics

Scientific Committee

  • Alberto Pardossi (University of Pisa, Italy)
  • Božidar Benko (University of Zagreb, Crotia)
  • Dimitrios Savvas (Agricultural University of Athens, Greece)
  • Erik Van Os (Wageningen University and Research Center, Greenhouse Horticulture, The Netherlands)
  • Gene A. Giacomelli (The University of Arizona, USA)
  • Giorgio Prosdocimi Gianquinto (University of Bologna, Italy)
  • İ. Hakkı Tüzel (Ege University, Turkey)
  • Jean-Charles Michel, (Growing Media & Soil Physics - Agrocampus Ouest, Angers, France)
  • Jung-Eek Son (Seoul National University, Korea)
  • Murat Kacira (The University of Arizona, USA)
  • Nazim Gruda (University of Bonn, Germany)
  • Qichang Yang (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China)
  • Toyoki Kozai (Japan Plant Factory Association-NPO, Japan)
  • Usama Ahmed Aly El-Behairy (Ain Shams University, Egypt)