Bridging the World through Horticulture

S31- Mechanization, Precision Horticulture, and Robotics (2nd International symposium)

Hallname: 3B-43

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Invited Speakers:

The goal of this Symposium is to provide means and ways for scientists, engineers, researchers, students, growers, consultants, government employees, and policy makers to exchage ideas and provide an opportunity for networking. Another goal is to provide cutting edge information on the state of art technology that is being developed or researched. It is expected that the meeting foster cooperation between research institutions and universities.

It is expected that the Symposium leads to identification of the key limitations and bottlenecks in the application of automation, mechanization, and precision technology to horticultural crops. Also, it is expected that the discussion on sensor systems, decision support systems, and site-specific management allows the audience to identify and learn about the state of art technology in fruit and vegetable production. Additionally, it will enable the policymakers to be prepared about the regulatory shortcomings regarding the application of these technologies. Overall, the Symposium will help the sustainability of fruits and vegetable production by introducing the technologies that help to increase the efficiency of the applying crop inputs and reduce the adverse effects of large scale horticulture on the environment.

Main themes:

Sensing and Control Systems:

  • Automation, Robotics, and Auto-Guidance for Fruit and Vegetable Production
  • New Soil and Plant Sensors
  • Biosensors in Horticulture
  • New Technologies for Quality Detection
  • New Technologies for Stress, Pests, and Disease Detection
  • Remote Sensing
  • Wireless Communication

Site-Specific Management:

  • Decision Support Systems and Management Zones
  • High Throughput Phenotyping
  • Precision Irrigation
  • Crop Modelling
  • Geospatial Applications for Fruits and Vegetables
  • Variable Rate Technology
  • Yield Monitoring
  • Yield Estimation
  • Environmental Issues
  • Traceability
  • Data Management
  • Weather Networks
  • Site-Specific Management for Quality Enhancement

Educational and Economic Aspects:

  • E-Ag Business
  • Supply and Chain Management
  • Economics of Precision Agriculture for Fruit and Vegetables
  • Education/Training Methods for New Production Technologies 

Emerging Technologies:

  • Internet of Things
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
  • Tracking, Traceability, and Food Security

Scientific Committee:

  • Abdul Mouazen (Cranfield Soil and Agrifood Institute, UK )
  • Bahattin Akdemir (Namık Kemal University, Turkey)
  • Behiç Tekin (Ege University, Turkey)
  • Dvoralai Wulfsohn (Dayenu Ltda San Fernando, Chile)
  • Eran Raveh (ARO Gilat Research Center, )
  • Erdal Ozkan (The Ohio State University, )
  • Esmaeil Fallahi (University of Idaho, )
  • Ferhat Kurtulmus (Uludağ University, Turkey)
  • Ismail Böğrekçi (Adnan Menderes University, Turkey)
  • Ismail Kavdir (Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey)
  • Jiří Mašek (Czech University of Life Sciences, Czech Republic)
  • Jose Molin (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  • Kyeong-Hwan Lee (Chonnam National University, South Korea)
  • Lav Khot (Washington State University, USA )
  • Manuela Zude (Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering, Germany )
  • Mohammad Reza Mostofi (Iranian Agricultural Engineering Research Institute,Iran )
  • Murat Kacira (University of Arizona, USA )
  • Ning Wang (Oklahoma State University, USA )
  • Noashi Kondo (Kyoto University, Japan)
  • Pedro Andrade Sanchez (University of Arizona, USA )
  • Simon Blackmore (Harper Adams University, UK )
  • Sindhu Sankaran (Washington State University, USA )
  • Stavros G. Vougioukas (University of California, Davis , USA )
  • Theofanis A. Gemtos (University of Thessaly, Greece )
  • Ufuk Turker (Ankara University, Turkey)