Prof. Dr. Yesim Yalcin Mendi

Yeşim YALÇIN MENDİ is working as a Prof. in Çukurova University. She completed her BSc, MSc and PhD in Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Cukurova, Adana Turkey. During this period, she obtained second MSc in Molecular Biology Department of Wageningen Agricultural University in Holland, then she started sandwich PhD programme at the same department of Wageningen Agricultural University.

She got scholarships from TUBITAK, YÖK and Wageningen Agricultural University. She had been in Wageningen Agricultural University, Michigan State University and California State University using these fellowships as a visiting scientist. She is mainly working on Ornamental Breeding and Plant Biotechnology in Cukurova University. She has going on projects supported by Tübitak, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Agriculture and Cukurova University. Her current projects are focused on characterization, micropropagation, breeding and cryopreservation of genetic resources such as cyclamen, crocus, fern, begonia and colchicum using biotechnological methods and usage of these genetic resources in ornamental sector.

E-mail: ymendi(at)